BDV SystemEvents

BDV SystemEvents

BDV SystemEvents can automatically perform specified actions under certain conditions. Just define any system command, and it will be executed when specified event will occur in your system.

In BDV SystemEvents you can add any number of tasks. Each task consists of action and condition. Once the condition is met, program performs the action.

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Possible Actions

Run Screen Saver. You may find this option useful if for some reason standard Windows screen saver engine cannot be used.

Run Application. Any system command or application can be specified. It also may be used to run some batch file, open document or URL in a browser.

Shut Down. Using this option you can log out current user, power off or restart computer.

Write Log. Use this action to write an entry into a log file.

Show Message. Display alert window with user-defined message and sound.

Available Conditions

Time Out. Action will be executed after a specified period of time.

Idle. If you are not using the keyboard or mouse for a specified period of time, action will be performed.

Application. Action is executed when specified application started (closed).

Ping. Performs an action when connection with a Web server or remote computer is available (or not available).


Combining the different conditions and actions you can solve many tasks.

For example, using “Run Screen Saver” action and “Idle” condition you can emulate Windows screen saver feature.

If you want to restart some application when it is closed for some reason, combine “Run Application” action with “Application” condition.

You can turn off the computer after the completion of some application. Use “Shut Down” action and “Application” condition for this purpose.

When you need to monitor Web server or your internet connection availability, use “Write Log” or “Show Message” action together with “Ping” condition.

Check BDV SystemEvents documentation for more details.

If you miss some action/condition or have any suggestions — please, let us know.

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