BDV DataHider

BDV DataHider

BDV DataHider is much more than just another encryption software. This tool will encrypt your data with strongest encryption algorithms known, and then make it absolutely invisible.

There is nothing more powerful on the market when you want to transfer unnoticeably some files over Internet or on a flash drive.

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Stealth Technology

BDV DataHider combines latest achievements in data protection with maximum ease of use.

As you know, invisibility was a method of choice that was used by special services, secret agents, and spies — just to name a few. In other words, we give you access to technologies that were previously available to hackers, spies and secret services only.

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The Power Of Steganography

You may encrypt your files using strongest algorithms known. But if someone notices that you send encrypted files by e-mail, you will have to answer very uncomfortable questions…

But we have a better solution. You probably can not even imagine how much secret information can be transferred along with a regular file, if it would be hidden well.

BDV DataHider encrypts information and hides it on any drive or in any file: in a picture, in a Word document, in a program, in a movie file etc. Therefore it is impossible to discover hidden information in a usual ways. File with hidden data in it remains fully operable: it can be viewed, opened, edited and so on, depending on its type.

You may send such file by email safely. Only those who knows about secret storage in this file and has a key, can access hidden data.

So, simply said, if you are at all serious about your secrets to be safe without getting compromised at all, then you just have to use our BDV DataHider. Where companies like LifeLock protect you from identitify theft when you data is stolen, BDV DataHider protects you from even having your data stolen in the first place.

How It Works

The program looks like a familiar Windows Explorer. By selecting any file you can create “Secret Storage” in it.

In the same way “Secret Storage” can be created on any drive, including USB flash disks. In this case content of files and folders on disk remains unchanged and hidden data are stored and transferred with device itself.

When “Secret Storage” created, you may add any files and folders into it. After confirmation, this data will be encrypted and saved. You will be able to choose password and one of six strongest encryption algorithms.

To enter some “Secret Storage” you must select it in BDV DataHider and provide password. Then you will have access to content of “Secret Storage” and will be able to extract files and folders.

Key Features

  • Strongest encryption with password protection;
  • 6 encryption algorithms available: Blowfish, Twofish, AES (Rijndael), Mars, Cast-256 and Serpent — all with 256-bits keys;
  • Hiding of encrypted information in files of any format;
  • Hiding of encrypted data on NTFS, FAT and FAT32 drives (including removable ones);
  • No installation required, program can be used from flash-drive or even CD;
  • Program never do changes in a Windows Registry, system files and folders, it leave no such traces on a computer.


There is no limitation on number and size of hidden files. Just keep in mind that size of file containing “Secret Storage” is increased respectively to a size of files hidden in it. Try to limit size increase by no more than a third, to avoid creation of file which looks suspicious.

After creating a “Secret Storage” in a file, always make sure that operability of file is not broken.

Always make a bakup of your hidden files or flash drive with some kind of backup software to make sure you will not loose any important data by accident.

File that contains "Secret Storage" can be opened in appropriate type of program and edited as usual. But hidden information it contains will be destroyed after saving.

Although the “Secret Storage” may be created in any file, in some types of files encrypted information can be detected when viewing the content. Avoid creating “Secret Storage” in the text file types: txt, html, ini, etc. In most cases it is safe to create “Secret Storage” in these types of files: exe, jpg, zip, mp3, avi, doc and docx.

Avoid creating “Secret Storage” on a FAT32 disks, because it can be detected in Windows Vista or later versions.


Quick Facts

Date:Jun 01, 2010
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